Gordie's Hamburger Joint

There is nothing like a delicious grilled burger after a long day at the beach.  Sun-kissed and hungry!
Adam and I have seriously been craving some good sloppy grilled cheeseburgers..The messier the better.  I read about an awesome hole in the wall place called Gordie's, so we decided to try it out.  It had been a long day at the beach, we left the dog at home to get some much needed zzz's, and we and our appetites headed for the door.
We walked in and all the seating was a different theme.  We chose the middle school desk.  Adam looked so huge sitting in it. 

We ordered two cheeseburger sets.  They brought out miso soup as an appetizer...?  It was a bit too hot outside for hot soup, though it was good...Adam slurped his right up, and I think he finished mine too.

When the burgers came out, there was a homemade ketchup on them...like tasty tomato puree.  SO GOOD.  They were dripping with delicious magic juices...and the buns were homemade!

It was so delicious...loved the old bottles everywhere.  It seriously reminded me of a place you would find in rural America; Except the waitress doesn't speak english...
 We will be back Gordie's...


  1. Gotta love the magical juices.

  2. Love your vivid description, Sarah! You are right - this looks like an authentic burger joint - Safe travels - thinking of you guys!