Kali Ciesemier: Illustrator extraordinare

I have to give a loud shout out to Kali Ciesemier, who is not only an incredible person, but an extraordinary artist.  She is making the big-time right now in Baltimore, but being published all over the map.
She has been featured on the front of so many magazines!
These are some of my favorite illustrations that she's done:

Check her out!   (she's my cousin-in-law!!)

Here are some of my favorite illustrations:

Awesome portraits!
Hey!  It's Me and Adam!  That's right...she did some caricatures for our wedding...she's a badass.
I love this one!  It is so mysterious and eerie.  It may be my favorite of hers!

This is her latest work of art:

These are treasures.

 She creates these masterpieces on her computer!  Down to the tiny details.  Check our her blog and website to see how it's done.  MAD PROPS Kali...making the world more beautiful with your creativity and artistic genius.

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  1. Aw geez, Sarah! You are too nice. Haha, so glad you like looking at my art as much as I like looking at YOUR art!! Your blog posts always make me smile, I think I'm living vicariously through you and Adam!