Yomitan Pottery Village

 Yomitan Pottery village is in our neck of the woods, and is like a neighborhood of about 50 different potters, with individual old school kilns where they fire a years worth of work in 1 week.  We were told that before they light up the kilns, they have a big party with lots of music, saki and dancing to bring good fortune and luck.

 The kilns are gigantic, made of a thick mud and rise up a hill making the space inside smaller and smaller.  This is to create different temperatures inside each kiln, as different pottery needs to fire at different temperatures.
 Here is a look inside one of the larger kilns.  It was pretty cool!
 Of course there is a lot of shopping to be done here.  The pottery above has a very distinct Okinawan look.  These designs and colors are very traditional.  The pottery below was one of my favorites...I love that blue!
This will be a great place to bring the Fam when they come visit.  My mom will go nuts in these shops.

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