Bugz Life

Saw this weird bug outside of our door the other day. 
I did not panic, just slowly got my camera, trying not to move, while Cinder bounced around behind me ready to attack.  Got the shot, Cinder got the kill.


  1. Whoa!! That looks crazy!! I was really curious and did a quick google search, and it looks like it's a "Asian White-spotted Longhorn Beetle". Apparently it eats hardwood and can be bad for forests (or at least forests outside of asia), so you and Cinder did the trees a favor!

  2. Yep - Anoplophora macularia. Good girl, Cinder! Teach her to find and kill them and she'll have a good career. Lots of people here are trying to get rid of those beetles and the emerald ash borer. If she could sniff them out that would be great!