Evening stroll

 The sky was on fire with a sunset and a storm out at sea.

  Brightly colored paddle boats line the beach, a dock leading out to the water is blocked off for the night, the empty lifeguard stand is so red against the natural coastline.  above two people stroll along the water, looking out at the stormy seas, and night closes in.

Side stroll to Zampa:
Pretty sure this guy and three other people live inside this bus.  At the peak of the day, he makes his living selling ice cream to the local tourists.  This bus stays parked at the lighthouse 24/7.  Here is a picture of him taking down the big ice cream cone that was hanging from the bus, when a little girl ran up and asked for some ice cream.  One more sale before the day is over.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. Your photography is briliant. Every thing about your blog is. Love your island. From one islander to another, best wishes and greetings from Australia.