Snorkel Sunday

We headed to Maeda Flats just near our house for one of the greatest snorkeling experiences ever!  This place is known in Japan and around Asia as a top diving/snorkel spot.

We've seen the divers out in the deep water off Maeda Point, but we had never gone to Maeda Flats, where there are beautiful beaches, formations in the shallow waters, and amazing snorkeling all the way out along the reef.  As soon as the reef meets deeper water, there is a sheer drop of 100 ft. 

 The water was so clear, you could see very far in all directions.  There were quite a lot of people diving and snorkeling while we were there.  Who can resist?

 While we were snorkeling, we probably saw 100 different species of fish.  Some were huge and swam slow, others neon, striped or spotted...some were so camouflaged you could barely see them.   Can you see them?

Adam took these pictures using our Olympus Stylus Tough camera.  If anyone is in the market for a waterproof, freezeproof, shockproof, crushproof, indestructible camera...this is a great one to look into!

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