Ryukyu Village

 plus a little sanshin and drums.
my friend Jane and I were able to attend Ryukyu Village, a tourist trap with traditional Japanese folk music, clothing, gift shops etc.  It was like a greenhouse with a remake of an old Japanese village inside.  It turned out to be a neat experience.

 The guy on the left is playing a sanshin, which is an Okinawan musical instrument.  It's covered in python skin, has 3 strings, (or in this case his had 2 necks making 6 strings), and it sounds like a Japanese tweaked banjo...take the folk out of the banjo and add some Asian flare.  I must admit, this concert was entertaining for the first 2-3 songs...by the 5th I was about to fall asleep in my chair...the plucking of those sanshin strings was like a lullaby.  But every now and then the girl on the right would BEAT on the drum and I'd be jolted back into the present.

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