Patagonia Horseback

MAN It was so easy and so hard to leave that farm.  It's been an amazing week reunited with my love, he was pulling at my heartstrings while I was on the farm...I was having a great time, surrounded by beauty, but I knew where my heart was...had to come back. It was a great decision...mainly because of that surprise...YES!  I got him so good..HA

SO the last week in Patagonia was incredible.  Michael and I went horseback riding on some of the newer horses to 'break them in' to new people.  I took horseback riding lessons about 15 years ago, but it's amazing how it all comes back as soon as you are in front of a horse, the reigns were handed over to me and the horse was in my hands.  Horses...beautiful, graceful, majestic creatures.  So strong, fierce, yet intelligent and gentle.  I was always taught that you should make yourself known to the horse before you jump onto their backs...so I was paired with Chiquita, a beautiful dark female, who did not want to be messed with.  I rubbed her nose, let her smell me, get used to me...I showed her I was gentle and easy.

 I climbed into the saddle and caressed her mane and she kept turning her head to me...as if to say Hey, keep doing that...I like it. (see pic)  However, she did not like the reigns...I learned this the hard way because the reigns were draped over her back and every time she felt them, she would accelerate into a gallop!

We started our trip down the hill, overlooking the valley and Piltri, passing our little cabin and continuing down.  We got to the river at the confluence and began to cross this wide rushing river...it was incredible.  The water was just below my feet, Chiquita was trying to maintain her footing along the rocky bottom...I must admit, I was holding my breath through a huge smile.  It was such a gorgeous ride....we rode up to the top of the hill looking down on our farm, and continued riding for about an hour or so.  I loved it...

I've decided we will have horses on our baby lamb farm one day...horses are a must.

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