Capilla San Eduardo

This Capilla (or chapel) sat at the top of about 50 or so stone steps overlooking the gorgeous lakes of Nahuel Huapi. Everything about it was quaint except for the magnificent views. The old stone architecture had a golden glow, and the stained glass windows told stories through colors as the sun shown through illuminating the small interior.  Gardens were on all sides, and there wasn't a bad view from the top of the hill.  I imagined a picturesque wedding here...it was so beautiful.

 Rose bushes full of thorns climbed the stone walls at the back of the church..I can only dream of what this photo would look like at night with the one bulb illuminating the doorway.
Can you imagine the church bells chiming as you walk down the stone steps overlooking the white mountain peaks of the Andes and the blue lakes glistening with the reflection of the morning sun...?  Deep breath.

This is hotel Llao Llao, a 5star resort hotel that overlooks lakes and mountains in every direction...honeymoon destination perhaps?  Maybe one day..  The architecture was designed by Bustillo who is the same guy who built the church in 1938.  He also built the huge hotel, one of his greatest accomplishments but it burned down a few years after completion...MAN, all that hard work.  He rebuilt it with a more modern flair, now it's what Llao Llao is known for... http://www.llaollao.com/ing/

After exploring Llao Llao, I went back to Bariloche, greeted by a beautiful sunset.  I bought some chocolate and dulce de leche ice cream and went down to the lake.  This is the last photograph that I took in Argentina.  This country...my new favorite.  So many amazing memories, stories, experiences.  I'll be back!
 Volvere con mi esposo en el futuro...y con mi camera tambien.

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