Lambs Lambs and more Lambs

When I left the farm, there were 15 baby lambs running around in the field...15 cute little bundles of love, skipping around and playing, soft and furry, innocent and sweet.  I love those baby lambs...I will miss hearing them while we were working in the gardens...there small voices baaa baaa baaa...mostly scared when they got too far from their mamas.

This was the last baby lamb born before I left...they were expecting 15 more.  Maybe I already wrote about that...but it just doesn't seem real...

Now I know what some of you may be thinking, I had this conversation with my Pop...Isn't it redundant to say 'baby' lambs?  Doesn't just saying 'lamb' already signify that it's a baby...well I say no...saying little baby lamb just puts the 'idea' of little babies in your mind...innocence, sweet, cuddly, soft, cute, baby lambs.  If I just said 'lamb' you may instead think of a big juicy piece of lamb meat served with a baked potato...This is not the image i'm trying to pose-- Obviously.  However, this is their purpose on this farm...Sadly, but surely they will sell them before they become 1 year old.  Lucky for us they won't grow to be any cuter;  So it doesn't break my heart to know their fate.  It is sad to know that someone will eat it in less than 30 minutes and never know how stinkin cute it once was...

Baby animals geeeez...cute and they don't even know it.  I may need to get a puppy when we get Japan.

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