The director of La Confluencia keeps a blog with updates of the farm etc. He has been taking a lot of photos of the Wwoofers. So to put names with faces, I am posting some of the photos here.

We enjoyed an awesome potluck in the lodge on Sunday night. Julia made homemade pizzas, and there were also delicious fresh cheeses, jamon de Argentina, olives, guacamole, freshly baked french bread de Ellie, beer made in El Bolson and red wine. Here we all are, sitting around the table enjoying great company. I am in the red shirt with my back to the camera with Julia to my left and Michael from Oklahoma to my right. Ellie, the director, is next to him. Marlon, Lauren from NYC, and Emily (who can't be seen) from Miami. We are the team!!! Getting things ready for Spring and sharing our cute little cabin, getting acquainted pretty quickly. Just last night we all bundled up into our sleeping bags and watched Wall-E on Lauren's computer. It was very appropriate...how to change the world? Organic farming.

We do alot of work in the gardens outside of the lodge. Here we are pruning the rasberry bushes! It was coooold that morning.

The 3 of us standing on the front porch of our house. I am explaining something of the utmost importance to Marlon from Australia and Julia from Buenos Aires.

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