El Bolson

El Bolson is a small pueblo with about 15,000 people. It was declared an 'ecological municipality' and a 'non-nuclear area' ...in other words, there are a lot of hippies and self sustaining farms, they love crafts, nature and peace...hey, so do I!  I love El Bolson!!!

Love capturing people in their natural setting, in their natural way.

We all decided to stay in El Bolson for Saturday and Sunday so we booked out a hostel and explored.  The feria was going on, the sun was out, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, people were playing games, dancing with their children, enjoying a calming sunny day.

 El Bolson is surrounded by a  mountain range called Cerro Piltriquitron, which literally means 'hanging by the clouds'

I learned this weekend that these mountains most certainly live up to their name.

The cherry blossoms were in bloom all over El Bolson so bursts of color were around every corner, not to mention the clear blue sky..The photo ops were coming in waves.

The feria or market is a must-see in El Bolson...locals gather and sell their handmade crafts and woodwork to the public, play music, dance, and haggle.

Jewelry, fresh food ( For lunch I had a whole wheat squash, onion and mozzarella calzone...it was so delicious.) they also sell clothing, musical instruments, even animals...we spent all day in the park enjoying the feria, kicking around a soccer ball, in a trance by the bongo quartet in the park...they were so on beat, eyes closed, 4 guys beating on these huge drums so fast, all in sync.  Very cool.

Lots of pics!  That's because we just got internet in our little cabin!!!  I can't believe it...So I'm sitting at our cozy little table, with a fire, just ate some rice and an orange and uploaded all of these photos...hope you are enjoying this Argentina adventure as much as I am!

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  1. i want to order a print! of the lil' boy and his house and the cherry blossoms.

    absolutely love it.

    sounds like you had a lil' adventure weekend!