Early Mountain Morning

Getting up early every morning has become a comfort. I wake up, look out of the tiny window in my room and am usually jolted awake to a foggy, mysterious, enchanting view...Many of my photos are taken out of my window when the sun is gently waking up the day.
This is our mountain dog that lives at our house! She is posing...

One morning I woke up and went out onto the front porch and a light mist was moving over the hills. I looked out of the window on the other side of our house facing the other direction, and there was no rain, only sunlight and a glowing rainbow...I was sipping on a hot cup of coffee, staring out of the window at this, and a sheep walked into view and started pooping right after this picture was taken. It was actually quite hysterical for me...Isn't it funny when something like that happens and you are the only one to see it, chuckle to yourself and then move on with your life...now it's documented. I will forever remember that moment. haha

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