Baby Lambs!!!

Surprise Surprise....The baby lambs came early; during the full moon in fact.  Well 2 out of the 4 were born on a full moon!  They weren't supposed to come until mid-November but they just couldn't wait!  They are so adorable!  2 are black, and the other 2 are white with black little faces...I shouldn't even try to explain it to you..I will just upload the photos as soon as possible.
Adam and I have already decided that we are going to have a baby lamb farm.  Lambs only.

(In this picture the lamb is 4 hours old!)

After work on Thursday, Ellie told us that a sheep was giving birth and we should watch.  So we crept up the road and sat nearby. We watched as the sheep had contractions, throwing her head back and stretching out, then walking in circles...then she squirted out this big black sac, and she started to clean it.  It was alive at first, it was kicking, but it died after a few minutes.

It's not good for the mom to lose a baby...She would continue to clean it even though it's dead.  So they went and got the dead lamb and took it to the barn.  She would continue to look for her baby and remain in complete distress unless she finds it, It's also important because she needs a baby to nurse, for her own health.  So here's what went down...This may be a bit gross to think about...

2 other sheep had 2 babies each.  So here's what is done..they take a baby from one of the other mom's...if they lose the scent then they won't worry about it again.
They take the skin off of the dead baby lamb, and make it into a little coat and drape it over one of the other babies so the distressed mom will recognize the new baby as her own because of the distinct smell.  Well, it worked!  The mom took to the other baby and now all the mom's are being nursed and taking care of the lambs.  It was a bit traumatic to watch this happen..but in the end it's good for everyone.  The poor baby lamb that died was buried nearby.
There are still 4 healthy cute precious adorable little lambs that are in good health. I love them ...I love them all so much.