Hard work gorgeous view

Wow...working on a farm is hard work. So worth it though...I look forward at the end of the day to crawl into my warm sleeping bag (thank you REI, thank you thank REI Halo 30 degree down sleeping bag, I love you so much) We work from 10 am until around 1, then have some lunch and a break, then go back to work until 5. So the days are long but fun. It's Julia, and Marlan (a new guy from Australia) and I who are becoming pretty close. We live in close quarters...what can I say...it's tight. Another guy is coming on Friday from Oklahoma, and 2 more girls on Saturday..it is going to be reeeally tight. I really need my alone time. I usually go for a little hike on my own after work each day. I have been reading quite a bit. Finished the book that I brought and there were books left in the house where we live. Now i'm reading an ancient version of the The Catcher in the Rye...it's been a while.
The weather is so funny here. One day the sun will be out and while we work we are constantly shedding layers. Then the next day, we can see our breath its so cold. Weird.
This is the new casa. It’s all wood, and quite cozy when the furnace gets nice and hot. I’m getting much better at making a fire. We just got some diesel fuel, so we will mix it with ash to make fire starters…yess, because early in the morning, it would be nice to make a fire quickly…I really like the smell of the house..it’s very campy. Most of the time I smell like a campfire…I’m beginning not to notice anymore.

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