Lake of Dreams

The trees were covered in Spanish moss, the water was so still. It was a tranquil place...very peaceful. 1,634 Acre lake with 7 miles of water trails weaving in and out of the cypress trees. We paddled for almost 4 hours and never saw the same thing twice. It was amazing and calming to the soul...a beautiful work of art. We were the only paddlers there...!

I never knew about this place! It is only a few minutes away from where I went to school for 4 years in south GA...it's called George L. Smith State Park.
If you've never been...you must go!

George L. Smith State Park=
A photographers dream
A romantic getaway
a paddlers paradise
See for yourself.
The water was like glass creating a perfectly clear reflection until we paddled through creating a rippled wave effect over the water...it was tricky to the eye.

As the sun began to set, the pictures became more dramatic, contrasted...the sun beams seemed to burst through the silhouettes of the trees.

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  1. jeff allen tried to get us to go here so so many times... we were always busy? or something?

    is there a golf course just next to the lake? if so, i studied there once.

    so glad you are soaking in some of the beauty the 'boro has to offer. miss you like crazy.