African Methodist Episcopal New Year

So here's the scoop on mine and Adam's New Year...an unforgettable one at that!!
We met up with some great college friends and reminisced for a while. Had hugs, laughs wine and cheese dip. Around 10:30 we decided to head back to where we came.
On the way, sitting at a red light, I looked out of my window and saw a huge mega church in Marietta and in a window of the church I saw these people dancing in a line, swaying their arms in the air in unison...Adam was driving and we both agreed that we should check this out...So we finally found a parking spot and walked in a little late, opened the doors to a HUGE sanctuary, to find that we were the ONLY white people in a room of about 4,000 black people who were on their feet, singing with a talented choir....a few eyes were on us as we took a seat in the very back pew...and started swaying. At midnight, we were hugging everybody around us, singing and clapping..

The preacher was from Trinidad. Very excited...wiping the sweat from his brow as he kept everyones attention, roaring the gospel and shouting his praise. There was so much energy in the room...it was an awesome experience.

I realized about 10 minutes ago that the church was called Turner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church...they have a website. I had to look it up just to make sure that it really does exist...and that it really did happen! We counted down from 59 to 5..4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR with 4,000 Black Evangelists!!!!!!

(a side note) When we first walked in, there was a very talented black woman belting out hymns...her name!!!!! Sheri Moffett.

Can I get an AMEN?!?!!

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