Green thumbing

So I have this new obsession with plants. all plants, any kind really. I especially love my Angel wing Begonia with the speckled leaves and rough edges...(just to the right of the blue candle) it is blossoming during dormancy! yess!! Compacta, I have lots-o-succulents. Sedum, Rainbow bush, a sexy fern that I got for xmas... (It's really hard to not water them everyday...I think of them as human) Here are some pics of my windowsill.
And the awesome window mantle that Adam made me :) It's a perfect space efficient shelf...we painted it with porch stain so it darkened the wood and it's waterproof.

More things have been added to this shelf since these pictures. Because the air is so dry during these cold winter months, I have a few small ceramic plates that are filled with rocks that I am constantly refilling with water...it helps to keep the air a little more humid...a better environment for plants with dry skin.

My air is clean and my thumb is green!

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