It is a risk to love

I don't know how I find these cutesy little things, but I do because lovely people post them in just the right places, so that I see them at just the right time. Just when I need to hear it the most.

Due to an inevitable hiatus of dreading goodbye...Adam has joined the Air Force and his 2 year training will begin in May..I have been struggling, thinking, up and down, hopeful then sorrowful...faithful that what is meant to be will be. Yet struggling with the reality of this reality. I have not concluded a thing, and am restless with optional expectations.
There are many things that I am sure of!

Dear Adam,
Love, Sarah

But I am a little more inspired by these two things that I found on a very cute website (http://prettyworld.tumblr.com/) I will be borrowing from often.

And my favorite:

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