Zurich: A Swiss Experience

The Zurich Train Station is a very unusual welcome into Switzerland. First of all, it's enormous. There are multiple levels and thousands of signs that read something like Eigergletscher a Zweil├╝tschinen...yikes. We were lost within the train station around midnight on a Saturday and there were about one hundred teens, black leather with chains, mutiple holes in their faces, staring at us menacingly. We didn't feel too welcome.
However, on our way out of Zurich at the end of our stay, we were in the train station early in the morning and found the bakeries and flower shops on the top level..a nice goodbye.

We finally made it to the right place, thanks to the angels who appeared along the dimly lit street who just happened to be heading in the same direction.

Of course, as the sun rose the next day we walked along the rivers leading to the lake of Zurich; taking turns into winding Swiss neighborhoods passing gorgeous purebred dogs, elaborate storefronts, the smell of freshly baking bread wafting through the air; never a dull view...eminating the Swiss culture.

Photo of the Day
We came along scenes like this...Swiss chess is a popular hobby!

Zurich has to be one of my favorite capital cities in Europe!

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  1. Lovely photos!! That bakery looks so delicious! How is it that you're able to travel to so many great places? They all look so amazing! :)