Colors Subdued

An old ancient doorway leading to another world...I snapped a picture of my shadow, slowly turning the doorknob, about to escape...almost there...!!

A close up of this bird, perched in front of an old dilapidated dock... Contemplating his existence perhaps?
Taken in Chicago...on the pier. A loud bluesy jazz band was playing behind me. Maybe the bird just wanted a little jazz in his life...I can't say that I blame him.

Photo of the Day
A huge display on the side of a building in the Soho district of London. I came to this building and stood in awe at the size of this image! It looks like the boy is trapped on display for anyone to gawk at. I couldn't help but stare.

These are a few friends from Chumical, Panama standing in the doorway to their new home. It was built a year before by the professor who led our trip. They were always so curious and LOVED having their picture taken!
There isn't much color to these photos, but the colors seem to shine through in different ways.

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