Photo of the Day
Melissa with her Italian flatmate Nichola Chemotti in Denmark, 2006.
Cosmically Sanctioned Imagery included. It seems like this should be in a fashion magazine or something.

Another blog dedication...to Melissa! My favorite bit. Today is her birthday and I just so happen to have my fair amount of wonderful photos of her to share. It's too bad they just don't do her justice...

I don't recall whose shoes these belonged to, but Melly was strapping them on before we romped all around Copenhagen. I'm sure they came in handy when we sprinted for the last train back to Roskilde. It's better than her normal, flip flops, in 20 degree weather.

Love this one...especially that she is wearing the bumper car t-shirt from Goodwill. So poised and gentle, listening to every word. I sometimes have lengthy conversations with this photo. haa! ;)

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