Rays of Light and Love

On a recent visit to Statesboro, GA (home of my alma mater, Georgia Southern University) I was visiting a great friend of mine, someone I hold so close to my heart, Amee B. We were speaking on the topic of spirituality and she pulled out a picture that she took in her kitchen. The sun was setting and the rays coming through her window were a brilliant stream of light moving upward. It is in moments like these that you can tap into your soul and see the light so clearly. This is a picture of a picture.

This blog has become a home for my favorite moments, photos, books and PEOPLE. These are two people who have made a huge impression on my life. Mert and Jack adopted Melissa and I during our last few years of college and shared their love and wisdom with us. I cherish these two so much! And their wonderful stories!!!

These are a few photos taken from underneath the flowers! A different view of their world. Purely magnificent.
Try new perspectives! Open your mind to different angles. Sometimes what we find can surprise us.

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