Sail Away With Me

Sail Away with me...

Photo of the Day
There is something so graceful about a sailboat on the water...It glides, majestically with never ending destinations at the mercy of the wind. I want to sail. I need to sail.
Adam and I have been looking for a long time at sailboats. It's beginning to pull at my heart strings a little harder.

These photos are taken off the coast of Italy with the cliffs of the Isle of Capri standing stoically behind the sails.

Learning to sail is probably a tough skill to master. It may be just the right time.
We shall see where the wind takes us.

The ancient walls built into the cliff of Capri, Italy. The water was a color that no paint could match.


  1. That bottom one is crazy! How old are those ruins?

  2. Sarah, those ruins are in Sorrento not Capri.