A time, a place, a view

I wanted to choose a selection of my photography with a theme, but I just started picking photos that all caught my attention...so here are a few, some of these have been posted before; others may be new and never before seen! 
AND I totally dropped the photo of the day trend...let's bring that back, shall we?
 St. Thomas, sunset beach, family reunion

 Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, England...this old woman was creepin up the aisle, a steady faith

 Goonie's Rock!  Oregon coast, 2 friends and a hike through the forests to this view...amazing.

 George L. Smith State Park in South Georgia...kayaking with Adam.  The water so still.
 A white stucco house had this boat full of cacti in the front courtyard.  Awesome color.

 This photo of me was taken by Peter, in Argentina as we made our ascent up Cerro Piltriquitron.

This was a pathway leading down the cliffside to the banks of the Rio Azul at La Confluencia, Argentina.

This was yet another spectacular sunset view at the top of a lookout near our cabin, Argentina.

 A Japanese baseball game...and the crowd goes wild.
Photo of the Day

 In a London suburb waiting for the train.

A bell and a harsh sun, Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge...last weekend.

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