Indoor dreams

I did a backyard wishlist post the other day of gem-findings on the intaweb of sweet backyard ideas...Well here in Wichita Falls, TX we recently had a blizzard..actually, first there was an ice storm, then there was a blizzard.  So I was stuck in my apartment for 2 days!  Day 1, I tried to venture outside with layers of merino wool and fleece to shield me from the elements...I stepped outside and the breeze was actually a -26 degree gust of frozen air and snow that almost knocked me off my feet...or it was the slippery ice under my feet...either way, I went right back inside.  Day 2, I layered up even more, a total of 6 layers on, no skin was showing at all, the breeze finally died down a bit and I trekked lightly along the ice and snow for 2 1/2 miles to wal-mart...the closest place that was still open.  I bought ice cream (go figure right?)...but I had some serious cabin fever and had to get out of there.  Day 4, I decided to brave the icy roads ignoring the suggestions of every news anchor and weather man on the planet, and drove to the Air Force base to reunite with Adam.

Well now the snow has melted, but I've explored every website or blog full of dreamy, magical, happy and warm things to look at...here is are a few indoor dreams i've come across...

Stay warm people.

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