Overall Overhaul

Jubilation, hot dog station, exhaltation...redneck nation!!!  Seriously...many a redneck, A parade with at least 15 tractors and counting.... country folk...camouflaged and youthful escape artists with neon shoes trying to stand out amongst the overall overhauls.
wind chimes and petting zoos..a baby donkey and chickens.  Gray haired guy selling jewelry claiming that magnets will cure arthritis and bodily pain. 
No pain yet, but one day, old and wrinkly,  moth balls and cabbage, 45 cats, a rickety front porch and screeching rockin chair, scarin the neighborhood kids, obsessing over evil ways of the world, people will stare from afar...people from thousands of miles away see the WiLd and famous house of COLOR, painted of whimsical walls and mysterious imagery depicting stories of time,  with wiry arthritic fingers holding a house together as paint weighs it down...COME stay at the COLORFUL inn...Inspire, Desire, Retired.

(discovered in an old email sent to Adam one day after attending a fair in S. Georgia)

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