Cute Etsy

If you don't love Etsy then you should look a little deeper...This is a wonderful website that takes you on a journey inside of the creative minds with products of creative hands ...dazzling art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, everything imaginable...go see.

Here is (part of) my WiShLisT:

 Wall Decals (great for the concrete walls in Japan)

 Recycled glass!!  Love this...should learn how to make this at home...

 Wear what you do...cute

 One of my bf's Alicia gave me one of these super cute magnets as a Christmas gift...lots of birds and clever one liners...great for decorating a fridge! 

 Cool art, nature, photography...inspiration!!!

 I have no idea what this is...but its so cute.  I would string this across a window above the kitchen sink.  Maybe even clip some dried lavender to the line.

 I want these blankets, spread out in a grassy field...(or a white sand beach), with a picnic basket full of treats cuddling with a little puppy and a husband...Too far?  Also a rainbow in the sky would be nice...
 Another cute blanket :  From anthropologie:
Cute scarf and cute purse...the Inca and Aztec designs are so timeless..

Bolo Tie!  (So Texas baby)..not exactly on my wishlist because I already bought one! 
Made by the hands of none other than Melissa Lynn Chapman, one of my favorite people.  Check out her jewelry, and when you fall in love, buy some!

Ooooh, I want to wear these cozy pants everyday, all the time!

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