Freetown Christiania, Denmark

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Freetown Christiania, Denmark is a community that is not a part of the EU and therefore in no way affiliated with the government. They are regulated by the Christiania Law of 1989 aka self-government. We were there in 2005. Melissa studied in Roskilde, Denmark and I had the chance to visit. It is a unique community or commune full of artistic expression and peace. It is an amazing place to visit! Check out this graffiti! The red door was someone's front door! The symbol represents their commune; the 3 dots represent peace, love, harmony.

Since we are on the topic of awesome graffiti--

The Shining 'Here's Johnny!'
Here is some GRAFFITI in Segovia, Spain at a local park. Some of this stuff is amazing.
Why does graffiti have to bring such negative connotations? Of course there is a lot of 'tagging' by gang representation but at the same time isn't it a cry for help? Why can't it be an outlet for expression?

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