Morning Specials

My favorite Salvador Dali painting. Another side to a mind we've only glimpsed. A hint of calm in a storm of chaos. I like to think it's early morning, she has her coffee in hand. She is alone but not lonely. This window is her chance to escape the daily tasks that may await her.
I saw this painting in a museum in Spain and could not believe it was Dali...I liked his work before, but after seeing this, a relationship ensued.

AAAAAHHHH meet CODY AND BRUNO. Two good ole boys...Doesn't it feel like morning in this picture? When Bruno (Right) first wakes up, he looks like he's been in 8 hours of REM sleep even if it's only been a 10 minute nap. These guys make so many things possible...

A good morning cup of joe, a knit cap due to the crisp cool air and a stroll through an eerie forest. A nice way to start the day. Cosmically Sanctioned of course.

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