I love this little splash of water...and there is a blurry paddleboarder in the background.  Captured!
These photos were taken by my amazing and talented husband, Adam.  

 Cinder at full speed. 
A day at the beach with Cinder is both wonderful, and exhausting...not exactly relaxing.  We have to constantly be aware of who may come around the corner, any animals she might decide to run towards..(lately she feels as though she can fly, chasing birds no matter where they are headed), what she is chewing on...(in past instances, dead fish carcasses), why she is out of sight and how long it will take us to find her...we could always just tie her up, which we've done at more public beaches...but then she can't run with her tongue flapping in the wind and her big lips formed into a smile, kicking up sand with all fours in the air at once...It's the best day of her life, most days of the week.  We can all learn from her.  :)

 When we aren't worrying about Cinder's escape artistry, or any stimuli inducing such acts...we are usually staring out at the sunset...which seems to be especially incredible here on Okinawa.

I love his photography.  Inspirational! This picture in particular...that is a paddleboarder out in the ocean, just under the sun.  Perfectly framed clouds with the horizon. Beautiful and natural color. 

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