Cape Hedo

We took a little trip to the Northernmost point of Okinawa yesterday.  Cape Hedo is where the East China Sea meets the Pacific.  A gorgeous coastline roadtrip, tunnels, cliffs, rocky beaches, climbing, and one big chicken.

 Monument at the northern tip

 Two bodies of water crash together...literally, the waves were crashing into the cliff.

 Awesome limestone rock was everywhere ...making a very interesting landscape.
The layers in the limestone were as thin as paper.
 Of course there was the breathtaking overlook and winning photo for the day...a tropical paradise.
It was a gorgeous spot.  Amazing day for this trip.
 After we left Cape Hedo, we headed down to Usa beach.  Down a winding road surrounded by cliffs.  We arrived at a rocky beach...it reminded us more of a lake.  But we found an amazing climbing spot with tall stone cliffs and boulders, with waves crashing at our feet.

 Rising so dramatically...there were bolted climbs all over this wall!

 Adam, the climber, had to get some chalk on his hands...these rocks were smooth and beautiful.  If they weren't 2 hours away then I'm sure he would be there everyday!
 We were headed on our way to another overlook, when curiosity got the best of us.  There was this giant chicken up on a cliff nearby that you could see all the way from Cape Hedo.  Yes, a chicken.  So we investigated..

 I was clucking like a chicken in this picture...



  1. It is the endangered Okinawa rail -discovered recently and only found on the north end of the island.

  2. Yeah...it didn't really look like a chicken!