An ocean away

Looking out over the ocean everyday is truly marvelous.  It's funny, sometimes I will go days without even noticing that its there...in all its vastness...surrounding us from all sides.  Other days, we will go out on the balcony and stare at brilliant sunsets, reflected over the water...take a deep breath and remember our insignificance in this great world.  Remember....71% of the earth's surface is covered by oceans.  Pretty amazing.
view from our balcony
The beaches never disappoint.  So refreshing and cold on these really hot summer days.  It's still so hot and it's September!  We are waiting very patiently for the cold front to move in...aka low 80s. 

The beaches during the summer weekends get pretty packed with people.  It's fun to hunt for shells during the week and take the dog out when no one is around; dig our toes into the sand, marvel at underwater life, look out over the ocean and let our minds wander.

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