Oki doki...

We made it to Okinawa!  Finally!

 After a lot of hours of traveling, weird jet lag, a waiting period until Adam arrived...we are finally together...in a teeny tiny little hotel apartment for the next month.  We will start our meetings and orientations on Monday.  As for right now, we are exploring and snoring.  Exploring the base, eating shrimp fried rice, getting used to the humid tropical climate.  Snoring because we are not yet adjusted to the 12 hour time change...our body clocks are going haywire. but we made it!!!!!  And we are SO excited.  We have already started Rosetta Stone Japanese...total immersion, ready go!

1 comment:

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. you made it! pictures please pictures please please pretty please.

    rosetta stone. yessss. i always see those stands in the airport and think to myself... "one day, when i'm moving to a new country unexpectedly and need to learn the language, this is going to be helpful"

    wait a minute... that's what you did!