Be wed!

Adam and I finally had our chance for a wedding ceremony, or 'blessing', and celebration/farewell afterwards.  Planned at the last minute, everything was so last minute.  But it turned out to be a great time.  We had a very small gathering for a blessing of our marriage before we made our entrance into the Candler Field Museum in a '59 Corvette playing 'Love You Madly' by Cake...love that!  We also had a blast after the celebration for another mini-celebration on the parent back porch for some guitar playing and conversation with our best friends and family.  Such a wonderful day/evening!
Here are some pictures...not 'THE' pictures but photos that friends took throughout the event.  The real pics will be posted later when the lovely photographer, Katie Anderson, is finished editing.  Her website http://pinkshoephoto.com/

Check it out!

  My best friend surprised me at the wedding!  She came all the way from Portland, and the entire time I didn't think she was coming.  awesome!

 We seriously have awesome friends!

A lot of these photos are from Adam's brother, Jon's Iphone.  Thanks bro-in-law!

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  1. Ya know some of these pics have the wrong date...It was April 23, 2011. Great time...miss you badly.