Thanksgiving! 2009

Playing around on the dock

Cool cousin story: These two beauties are sisters, Ansley and Madison. They have a beautiful and inspiring story. They were born 6 months premature...yes that is not a typo. Ansley (left) was about 1 lb. at birth and Madison (right) was 1.5 lbs. They spent most of the first year of their lives in a hospital. They were called "Miracle babies."
Their growth was stunted, and their eyesight never developed; after several surgeries, it became clear that they would never be able to see.
NOW, they are 12 years old, making A's in school, prodigies on the piano which they started playing at 2 years old, and huge Harry Potter fans. They read braille faster than I can read words and they also type with braille typewriters. They have a little brother named Jack who is 5. They are truly remarkable, happy and light hearted with silly playful personalities and a very large vocabulary.
A few years ago they did a story on Fox News about their piano playing--here is the link:
Be thankful!

Sweet Maggie!

Cousins were checking out a fish they caught earlier.

Clarkco State park was lovely.

Family, Food, Fun
We rented cabin on a a gorgeous lake at Clarkco State Park...everyone brought so much food...it was a blast. Here are some gorgeous pics to share of my family, the park and the food!

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