13 going on 30


She loves to chew gum, she cuts her own hair, she LOOOVES music, She has NO IDEA how beautiful she is...


she wears brightly colored skinny jeans and converses, her favorite drink is sprite, she's into the Twilight series and likes volleyball...

Cutie PIE

she is good at science, her favorite song is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUtxRHKlMLo, she is witty but shy, dangerous but precious, tries to act older than she is...

Going on 30...

she doesn't think before she speaks and therefore, I (being the older sister) have a rather long and quite hilarious list of 'Natalie-ISMS' ...I wouldn't think to embarrass her, so I'll bring those out in 15 years or so.
She is an artist, incredible photographer and awesome with a pen. She thinks she is emo and can't stand preps. By the way, She knows everything.
My gorgeous sister Natalie...this blog post will grow, as it is dedicated to her.
Long legs and layered hair, she is a hipster in the heart of the south...go figure.

I love this hipster.

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