Your Aura is purple

Naturally made aura in Soho, London. Does that early morning sun ray follow him?

Valentina di Italia. Denmark '05 the coolest flat in Roskilde. An aura of candlelight.

Aura--aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation supposedly surrounding a person or object...(paranormal.)

My thoughts:
so...the AURA; It makes me think of 'Dude, your aura is purple..' from the movie Almost Famous...But in relieving myself of that connotation, I see or maybe feel that an aura is just an intuition about someone.
But most importantly, check out this wacky picture by Robert Fudd Bewusstsein from the 17th century depicting our third eye. Too radical.

Beans on Tybee...Birdwatching ;) Just a fun one to throw in the mix.

Blue Man Group behind a curtain. Backlight!


A new band to check out..their new self-titled album debuts today!

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