Brackish Roots

The brackish roots of river pine
Anchored in my curving spine
Bend to the whims of wind's design
And I lay down at your side

Above the brine of reeds and clay

A swollen angel oaks bouquet
In the red wing blackbirds eyes of grey
A saltwater tear resides

But the sand and the earthen parapet
Silts into this rivulet
The bluffs and the banks will soon forget
A single tear was cried

And in this spawning ground it blooms
The nectar and the petal plumes
A purple swallow now exhumed
From the river that has died

The crimson of rinoculous
Gardenia and dianthus
The bloodless ivory water-lotus
Sweetly opens wide
Without a voice left to sing
With waterlogged and heavy wing
With peaceful eyes, unsuffering
A pigeon floats in the tide...

exerts of "Pigeon" by Jump Little Children

Surfer near Newport, OR. Catching a few waves before the storm rolls in.

Formations in the sand on the Oregon Coast. Natural canvas.

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