South Georgia

Some things are just made to be Southern.

These two were taken at an old antique shop/someone's home, in the small town of Brooks, GA. There are 4 things you see when you go through Brooks: A fire station, a post office, a tanning bed and this antique store.

Some people are just too Southern for their own good. Like these two; Jessica, a mountain girl and Tim, a farm boy.

Adam and his guitar, walking through a tall forest of pines.

Covered bridge in between the small southern towns of Molena and Zebulon, GA. Yes, out in the country! Only dirt roads will get you here, and there ain't much else...

An old dilapidated house in Pike County. Check out those makeshift stilts! I love the angles of this photograph...where the lines lead your eyes. It almost looks like it could be a cartoon.

Colby the cat. Mert and Jack's love. Very South GA.

Photo of the Day
Amee Bee and Kenny. I see these two as traditionally Southern. Lovely and at home, spiritual and strong, real and happy.

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  1. you give me strength to go on. i channel you, and rely on you, and love you.