Silver Mountain, Idaho

Gondola ride,  Mountaintop playground, 3 mile hike, sleepy babes, natural high

Silver Mountain, Idaho is a small ski mountain with a gorgeous resort at the base of 2 mountains that are covered in ski trails, mountain biking trails in the off season, and the resort even has an indoor waterpark!?  It's a year round adventure mecca.

(I'm posting this photo to entice all of my ski loving friends who may want to come and enjoy this snowy paradise and stay with us!!!)  73 trails, 1,600 acres of terrain, 2,200 vertical and more than 300 inches of snow annually...WOW!

We went to check it out in September, before the weather became too cold.  The mountain bikers were all over the mountain.  Adam and I were pretty envious...can't go mountain biking with a toddler on your shoulders...but I think they have child care at the resort for the day, so parents can go biking, skiing, hike around or just hang out at the resort for a few hours.  We will be back!!!

Anyway, we had a great time hiking around.  We decided to do a loop, but weren't aware of how long it was.  It turned out to be 3 miles long!  By the time we reached halfway, both boys were sleeping.  It turned into a fun nature hike with the kids, to a rigorous speed hike to the end.  Carrying a 30 lb toddler and 18 lb baby while on a mountain hike...I'll just say, it's a good workout.
But it was gorgeous!  And we enjoyed our time outside.
 Silver Mountain gondola ride


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