Delicate Morning

To follow such an intimate post on the birth of my son,  I decided to touch on something soothing, delicate and lovely.   I think it parallels the introduction of life to our new baby.

I found this excerpt in my 'writings and musings' folder.  It was written while I was in Argentina, a new wife but not yet a mother; it was a moment of gratefulness that I'm so glad I documented.
Those mornings changed my life.  Here is a photo of the sheep resting under a shady tree from the morning sun.  Another from a cold winter morning as they traveled down the hill to graze.
The early morning is my favorite time of day.  I stretch my legs, face the chill, and step out into a new day.  The gorgeous world that we live in, rely on; such a spiritual place for me.  I stand in the dew stained grass, take in deep breaths of the fresh mountain air, and look out over the sheep grazing as the sun comes up and over the mountains in the distance.  The light hits the snow on the mountains in the most delicate way.  As all mornings should be; delicate.  A calming tranquility lives and loves me in the early morning mountain air.
The early mornings are a time for peace, a time for prayer, a time for me and the mountains to exist together, without a noise, or a distraction, other than an occasional greeting from the sheep.  I love the early mornings because the earth has rested all night, as have I, without a soul to bother her, because up here she sleeps so soundly.  The world is completely dark and quiet as the sun goes down.  The stars are at their brightest, as if the world is dreaming so deep and the deeper the dream, the brighter the stars twinkle.  What a polite sun, to slowly let the world below adapt to her rays.  I face the bright light and close my eyes in the most thankful moments of existence.  Thankful for so many things, too many to name.  I love the early mornings, I am the first one awake. I love the early mornings because I am greeted with such a calming and delicate air, that to begin my day this way, I am thankful until the sun goes down when I dream of the next delicate morning.

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