Life is better as a picnic table

Meet Katie. Katie likes ice cream.  Katie likes photography.  Katie likes to make you laugh.  Katie likes costumes.
Katie is brilliant and creative and most of all hilarious.  Over the years, she has transformed herself into many different things...including chickens, toilets, flowers, cows, picnic tables and various other costumes.  I just had to put all of these pictures of her in costume into one place and share her with all of you!

 She has been a cow and a chicken and a cow chicken on various occasions to promote Chick-Fil-A and get free chicken!!!  There are many more of these photos somewhere out there!

 Merlot Wine Box...there was also a bladder of wine inside and she filled peoples glasses all night!

 Hot Dog
 White trash

 Front End Loader, Hamper and Detergent...fave!

 Picnic Table, with dirty plates and flies..she even had fake flies in her hair!


 Easter Bunny

Flower in a flower pot

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