Growing Baby

Woah Mama, I'm gonna be a Mama!!!
My belly has been growing, growing, growing...each time I look in the mirror, I swear it has grown...which makes sense.  I'm 27 weeks pregnant now and this is the time when he starts doubling in size every 2 weeks.  Right now he is about a foot long, around 2-2 1/2 lbs...and he is strong!  He kicks me constantly. 
I think I love being pregnant...Then again, I'm just starting to feel some discomfort.  Other than that it's fun!  Pregnant women and women with kids love to talk to me, and I love talking to them!  Everytime he starts kicking, Adam and I stare at my belly like it's the first time we've seen it...really, it's miraculous.  I eat, A LOT!  Naps don't make me feel lazy.  Baby newborn outfits make me so happy.  Many friends here on Okinawa are just as excited.  Seeing my Mom so excited is wonderful!  Watching my body transform into this baby making machine is so cool. 

I am woman, watch me grow!

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