Argentina bound

So after a lot of researching, planning, praying and overall anticipation...I know where I am headed! I know when I am leaving! I know !!!!


This place looks wonderful...they are located within part of the world's largest UNESCO Temperate Forest Biosphere Reserves. They were developed by LEAF-Land Ethic Action Foundation.
Sustainable Self Sufficient Living is what they teach and I can't wait to learn all about it!
Leaving at the end of August, and planning to arrive in the town of El Bolson on September 1. Argentina is so huge! Trying to find that perfect place for me was a bit overwhelming...but this amazing gem in Patagonia fits quite nicely. I mostly want a learning experience where I can really work with my hands, get dirty, and find challenges. I hope to meet so many new people and learn all about alternative energy sources...I could see this as a big part of mi futuro!

Planning on dwelling here for 2 months minimum, and then venturing back to share what I've learned and experienced and eventually get married!!

So excited! Please check out La Confluencia and share with others...this looks like an amazing place!!! http://www.laconfluencia.com/ingles/proyecto.html

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