Music Festival comes to life @

S A S Q U A T C H 2010

Love these pictures! These photos were all on Elea's camera, and it was passed around throughout the festival, so there is no telling who took which pictures. But they are pretty amazing, to say the least.

These people amazed me the entire time. Hilarity! Brilliantly fun!

Reunited and it feeeeels so good.
Vampire Weekend! As the sun sets behind the stage, filling the sky with color, Vampire Weekend filled the air with sweet music. Very fun and engaging! I like their style, A LOT!

It's the crew!!! minus 2. We were a solid 13. Jamming with these guys is a sure win win.

Aaah, soaking in the sun. Listening to the freshest fresh espresso . Bahahaha!!

Do you see this? When we first entered the venue, Melly and I walked over to this stage and Minus the Bear started things off right. But even if the music sucked, there is the Columbia River Gorge behind the stage that draws in any onlooker. Sometimes, I would find myself completely mesmerized by the gorge, missing out on sweet beats. And yet again, another win win.

Noah, Hannah, Elea, Myself, Rachel, Trevor, Meggie. Dancing right into your world.

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