A May Extravaganza

Well, I've been writing Adam a letter a day for the past two months. Literally. Including one or two pictures with each letter. I've received a few letters from him and have been able to get a brief phonecall from him once ever few weeks for about 10 minutes. It's actually quite romantic. I write him letters about what I do everyday, new ideas, new dreams..there is usually an illustration of some kind..maybe a little watercolor also. We've been so honest in our letters.
I've got to say this distance thing is not at the top of my list, but I'm being affected by it in a good way. FINALLY I get to see him in 1 week. I am flying to San Antonio to see him graduate from basic training.He is going to look so handsome in a uniform :)
I am so proud.
Then it's off to PDX, Portland to spend some QT with great friends and festivities

Can't wait for the lineup. And the GORGE
Such an exciting month for me! Won't be back to ATL until June 3. Then it's time to make some decisions.

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