I do a lot of artwork in my spare time, painting, collages, decoupage...fun stuff like that. When I flip through magazines, I'm usually looking at cool ads to rip out, cut out, and glue down ..whatever evokes emotion is eligible. So I have the grand idea of taking pictures of some of these cool compilations! ARTS AND CRAFTS posts coming soon.
here is a little sneak peak.

In the meantime, here are some cool pics that I've overlooked.

Kids cooling off in a fountain at Riverside Park during the summer heat. This is a great little spot about a half mile from my house, where I can go at my pace and run along the river, or ride my bike for miles through the woods on great trails, or just sit with a book, watch kids play, throw a frisbee around...a very refreshing spot in the summer as you can see. Unfortunately, after the Chattahoochee flooded, the entire area was underwater...so for a while, it was contaminated :( Things are getting back to normal, Adam and I went for a night run a few days ago and only smelled poop once. :)

What a wonderful hobby. I love hiking with the one I love.
The world outside is so refreshing...especially when you find things you weren't looking for.

Photo of the Day
Eerie lake view...across the lake is the reflection of cabin lights and the soft glow of fog rising at the temperature drops.

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