Camping Panthertown

Adam and I went on a primitive camping trip in the National Park of Panthertown...unknown to most people, this park is secluded, fresh and gorgeous with so many plants, overlooks, and waterfalls...we were mesmerized the entire time. We were even mesmerized after the trip when we viewed our photos...some are simply incredible.
Check them out--Adam's Photos:

(rainbow! unseen to the naked eye...a symbolic message?)
Click on this for a better view

Just two lovebirds in the middle of nowhere...what else do you do at "Tranquility Point" ...hot chocolate of course!

We also did some intense rock climbing..

I call this one: Fall Underwater
Photo of the Day


AAH Off the map Wilderness...where the wild things are!!!

Self timer is awesome...

Some of my photos to come....

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