Photo contest

I've been trying to decide which pictures to submit to a local photo competition called Slow Exposures. Here are a few that I'm thinking about. Most of these had to be taken in Pike county or any surrounding counties.

This is an old cracked out house in Williamson, GA, still occupied and kind of spooky. Adam and I scooted here and I ran out in front of the house, snapped a few pics and ran.

A friend of mine is a drummer in the band Last Year Portrait. I went to one of their shows and snapped this cool photo as they took a breather in between songs. The lights shining into the band were brutal, but made for a really cool shot.

This is a dirt road lined with old oak trees that reach out to you as you pass. My mom had an old antique mannequin in the basement and I lugged the thing, all 50 pounds of it, into my car and brought it to this dirt road for a little experiment. I don't know what I think about this picture. a bare mannequin can say a lot or nothing at all. feedback?

Not only do the florals grab you with their sharp and vibrant colors, but also with the realization that the natural world is full of pure beauty and wonder.

More to come

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